Jeremy Corbyn stars in GAME OF DEATH

jeremy corbyn game of death tb


Synopsis: after winning the Labour Party leadership campaign in September 2015, rank outsider Jeremy Corbyn enjoyed a tidal wave of popular support. The Islington North MP looked set to provide a much needed return to socialist values for the party, until he was confronted by shadowy forces bent on destroying his chances, and the hopes of all those who voted for him.

It soon emerges that the Parliamentary Labour Party is behind a series of desperate attacks against him, and are in favour of a return to a Tory-lite Blairite agenda, which previously saw destruction and death inflicted on the Middle East, growing inequality in the UK, and a dramatic upswell in food bank usage.

After seeing off a challenge by saggy-eyed tedium-monger Angela Eagle, Corbyn is soon confronted by Pfizer PR man Owen Smith, whose principles and fighting style seem as malleable and unknowable as his sinister, playdoh face. But despite the challenges, Corbyn continues fighting for what he believes in, with grace and good humour.

What lies ahead in the upper echelons of the Pagoda of Power for our understated, bearded scruff ((c) The Daily Mash)? And will Corbyn still be standing by the next General Election, currently scheduled for May 2020? Find out in GAME OF DEATH.

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